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What's All This Then?

I provide creative me-time in a box to busy, creative people – Like You!

I offer a complete sewing kit plus a few extra gifts to stash (because who doesn't like extra gifts right?!). My sewing kits are modern, original and if I say so myself rather good looking ;)

I send all of this with a 16-page printed booklet showing step by step instructions along with skills to master. Oh and also every kit has at least one supporting Pinterest board which provides inspiration.

I am so confident that you will love the boxes I send you, that I offer a full money back guarantee. If you are not entirely happy, just 'return to sender' the box & pop it back to me. I will then refund you in full and i'll cancel your subscription.

As well as a monthly subscription box I also have a Learn to Sew series of 4 boxes for the absolute beginner. So if you're reading this and you would love to be making my monthly kits but you can't sew, just pop onto the Learn to Sew course first.

Why not give it a whirl? For the cost of a cup of coffee a week or a couple of magazines you could be getting a box of sewing surprises and a couple of hours calm, meditative, creative time just for you.

Any questions please ask, Courtney x