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Check out these amazing sewing projects that we have been making this year. I'm delighted with every one of them.

In the 8 page coloured booklet, each kit showcases different skills e.g. Couching, French Knots, Toy Making. My aim is to give transferable skills so you can go on to adapt the kits or be inspired to make something else totally unique using the know-how.

If you are already an experienced sewer (yay to you!), my kits are interesting enough not to bore you. I have lots of experienced sewers who have been subscribed since kit number 1 to prove it :)

Don' forget my No Risk guarantee. If you don't like your first box (what's wrong with you?! just kidding!), send it back for a full refund. Full details are in the first box to make it as easy for you as possible. But I'm sure it won't come to that as you will love each box as much as I do.