Passionate about Sewing & Want to Be Your Own Boss? Sewing Business For Sale

Rare Opportunity to Buy an Established Sewing Business
I started this business in 2013 so that I could give up employment to spend time at home bringing up my family. It has allowed me to work from home and earn up to £2500 net per month. As my children increased to 4 I have has less and less time to commit to the business.
As it stands all the infrastructure is in place. A new Shopify website with cutting edge design. 2000+ subscribers on the mailing list plus social media accounts set up. Note the website currently sells only sewing subscriptions but is set up to re-add a haberdashery easily.
My passion and mantra has always been that I want to get more people sewing. I sell quality and cost effective sewing kits to a dedicated audience. My aim now is for someone who loves sewing to take over this business.
About Me
I began in the sewing industry by starting a fabric shop 15 years ago after giving up my employed role to have children. Importing fabric and later haberdashery to the UK. Around 10 years ago I began a spin-off business called Craft Club Box selling sewing subscription boxes in the UK (although I have sold worldwide). 
Why this business was started
I gave up my full time employment so I could stay at home with my children. As my family has grown I have had less time to dedicate to my website. I am passionate about sewing so I began an online sewing shop. As my family increased I have scaled back my haberdashery shop (the ability to add products to buy is still on my CCB shop). I then began a subscription business so I could decide when I worked. This business has the ability to grow both as a shop and the subscription business.
The reason of selling this business
I now have 4 children and I have had less time to dedicate to my website. I feel it would be a real shame to just stop Craft Club Box. My subscribers love sewing and receiving their monthly box and I know that it could take someone else who loves sewing on a great journey. 
What's involved in running this business
Design, cost and make a monthly sewing kit. Design and print a booklet (used to be digital but now printed, could be reversed). Pack and send the subscription boxes. Market and find new customers.
Current Position
Due to personal circumstances I have not been marketing my business at all for new subscribers in the last 12 months. When I was advertising I could generate +25 subscribers per month. I still have 70 core subscribers (many of which have been with my business for the last 8-10 years). All this business needs is someone who is passionate about sewing and can dedicate the time to generate more subscribers.
Physical inventory
Logo and branding assets
Full logo with photoshop versions to use on all media. All versions sent digitally.
Personal support after sale
Product photos
Everything on the website and I also have lots of additional images I will provide included in sale price.
Social media
Suppliers - I have sourced several most cost effective haberdasheries in the UK happy to include
How to grow this business
Craft Club Box has the capability I believe to be a great full time income for someone. For many years I have been receiving a monthly income which has supported me. Unfortunately as my family has grown I've had less and less time to give to it. All the infrastructure is there to grow this business. I have thousands of emails along with social media set up (although social lacking input as my family has grown). My next steps to grow the business would be: - Add a blog/pages to the website to generate more organic traffic from sewing searches - Send more frequent newsletters to the 2000+ email addresses
Skills to have
You must be able to sew and work out materials needed for kits. You need some marketing skills or be willing to learn.