Our Story

How It All Started
Craft Club Box was born in 2013 during a moment of realisation after the birth of my fourth child. The realisation went something like this:
'I can't remember the last time I did anything for myself and I'll have even less time now. Everything I used to like has been slowly squeezed out of my life. I wish I had time for a single hobby. How do other women get time to do any hobbies?'.
I started talking to other women and they were finding the same thing to be true. No time for themselves, no time for hobbies.
So here’s what I did about it. 
I took my favourite hobby (sewing) and I began asking people, what was stopping them from sewing more or learning to sew. I owned a fabric shop at the time so I asked my customers. Here’s what I found. The answers that kept coming up were the same:
- not enough time
- materials were too expensive
- it was too time consuming to buy up everything that was needed for a single project; &
- too much decision fatigue in choosing the project.
An Idea Was Born
I started formulating an idea of taking all the stress out of sewing a project by coming up with the idea, sourcing all the materials and sending it out by post all whilst being more cost effective than buying the materials individually.
And eventually, after much hard work and late nights, Craft Club Box was born.
Since then I’ve designed, sourced, cut and sent materials for over 100 different projects and sent out tens of thousands of kits to happy people. 
 My Mission
My mission remains the same, to get more people sewing and remove the hassle of sewing a project. Today I've expanded my products to kits, digital patterns and courses. My most popular product remains the monthly membership. For a good reason - a low cost, low environmental impact, stress free way of getting a sewing buzz. 
Time to Meet the Team
Head of PR 

Head of PR (Proper Rowdiness).

Coen is in charge of Media (tv remote control) & Communication (shouting loudly).

Creative Designer

Etta adds a creative flourish to the team and is never more than 6ft away from glitter or a unicorn

(or a glittery unicorn).

Quality Control

Wren gives creative input on finished sewing projects & tests the quality of each finished kit by seeing if she can pull it apart in as little time as possible.

Boss Baby

Abel is in charge of the team. Make no mistake he is the boss. Don't let his babyish looks fool you, he can be very persuasive when he wants something done.

Lower Management

That's me, Courtney! I'm passionate about sewing and have been working in the sewing industry for over a decade.