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Free Sewing Patterns - Linen Needle Book - Cotton Lawn Scarf - Christmas Decorations

Stitchy Linen Needle Book
To make this Linen Needle Book:
From linen & inside cotton fabric cut a rectangle each 27cm x 14cm. From iron-on wadding & lightweight interfacing cut a rectangle each 25cm x 12cm. Iron the wadding to the back of lining piece (centre) and the interfacing to the back of the linen piece (centre).
Iron Fuse-a-web to the reverse of fabric scraps then cut to desired shape. Peel off Fuse-a-web paper & iron to the front of the linen piece to create the design (fold linen in thirds to see roughly where to place the design). Sew in place.
When stitching over the appliqué design, use a contrasting thread. Don't try to make it look neat. The best designs look a bit like they've been scribbled on! Go over some areas a couple of times to add accent.
For inside pocket, cut felt piece 7x5cm. Place on inside fabric 2cm from bottom left corner. Sew into place around three sides.
Place lining and linen pieces right sides together. Sew around the rectangle with 1cm seam allowance, leaving 8cm at the bottom for turning. Trim seams & clip corners.
Turn, push out corners and press. Top stitch around the entire rectangle ensuring you sew shut the turning section.
Cut two felt rectangles each 13x10cm. Fold to find the centre and place in the needle book at folded position. Sew through the felt and needle book layers to attach. Fold close and press again.
Cotton Lawn Loop Scarf
To make this Cotton Lawn Loop Scarf:
Cut Cotton Lawn roughly 54” (138cm) by 14” (35cm).
Place right sides together and sew across the short side to make a loop of fabric. Press seam open. Turn loop with right side of the fabric on the outside. Fold the tube lengthwise wrong sides together to make a loop roughly 54” (138cm) by 7” (17.5cm) & press. Sew along the long open side close to the open edge.
Make Double Fold Binding: To make the binding cut a strip of cotton fabric 2 ¼ “ (6cm) wide by around 59” (1.5m) long. We used lengthwise binding so cut strip across the entire width of the cotton fabric parallel to the selvage (edge). Fold the strip in half lengthwise and press. You should now have double folded binding 1 1/8” wide (3cm). Create a Binding Pocket: Open one end of the binding and cut on the diagonal. Fold this over by 1/2” and press. Position the start of the binding at either side of the loop seam. Match the open binding edge to the raw edge of the scarf. Sew a couple of inches using 1/4” seam allowance. Then fold the binding double and continue from where you left off sewing around the whole loop of the scarf. When the binding is attached to the entire loop trim any excess binding leaving an overlap. Place the end of the binding into the pocket made earlier and sew shut.
Attach Other Side of Binding: Press the seam and the binding upwards. Fold the binding over the edge . Pin and sew into place using blind stitch. Press again.
Christmas Hoop Decorations
To make these Christmas Hoop Decorations:
Cut a square of backing fabric larger than the hoop. Apply fuse-a-web to the reverse of colourful fabric scraps and white felt then cut to desired shape. Place 5mm ribbon onto fuse-a-web and iron on. Then cut excess fuse-a-web away. Arrange fabric and ribbon into desired shapes (see below), remove backing and iron onto backing fabric.
To make the Tree Picture: Iron the ribbon trunk into place first. Then apply a triangle of fabric followed by a felt foreground. To make the pom pom, cut small strips of felt roughly 1-2mm wide by 10mm. Place all of the strips on top of each other on to a length of embroidery thread. Pull the thread tight and tie a couple of times. Sew into place using embroidery thread.
To make the Scottie Dog Picture: Iron the ribbon lead in place first. Use a piece of ribbon without fuse-a-web and fold it around the neck of the dog shape. Iron the dog into place and this will hold the collar. It gives the collar a 3d effect. Then apply the felt foreground.
To make the Present Picture: Cut a square of fabric into 4 equal squares (our squares measured 2cm x 2cm). Place them onto the background fabric with a vertical and horizontal piece of ribbon between them. Iron all into place. Apply the felt foreground. Tie a bow from the ribbon and attach using a few embroidery stitches.
Place the fabric between the hoops and tighten. Using 2 strands of embroidery thread and small stitches secure the fabric shapes into position. Using 3 strands of embroidery thread add a running stitch around the picture and stars if desired. Trim excess fabric from the hoop. Optional; apply a circle of felt or fabric to the reverse if the hoop will be visible from both sides.
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