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Spring Felt Flower Tutorial

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Spring is definitely in the air in Chester this week so we've raided some of our past sewing kits for some seasonal crafting. Spring Flowers was our felt flower project back in 2014 and is a lovely way to spend a few hours sewing and gluing.
I've become a bit addicted to flowers recently & have dug up a section of the lawn to put in a cut flower bed. There are only bulbs in there at the moment (mental note to get outside this weekend) but I have a load of seeds to sew and some tubers I ordered last year have just arrived in the post – not sure now how to plant them, so a bit of research to do.
My kids gave me my first home grown cut flowers for Mothers Day; some crocus in a refashioned baby food jar which I keep refreshing and is on my desk.
Beautiful real and handmade flowers are on my Flowers & Cake Pinterest Board (you'll see the addiction to flowers in that there has not been much cake pinning of late). There are some felt & fabric flowers on there too if you dig deep enough (excuse the pun).
Here's our freebie to make a little felt posy of flowers (we always use 30% content wool felt available here:
For Blossoms cut waves on long side. For Roses cut spirals. For Dahlia flower, fold felt lengthwise & secure with glue or stitches near to long open edge. Snip into the folded edge roughly 1cm apart. For centre - at one end add some extra snips & cut where folded so they are not looped.
For leaves: Fold over Meadow felt and stitch leaf shapes then cut out. For mounting on a brooch back: cut 2 ovals 7cmx5cm. From remaining felt fold over the 12cm end by around 1cm. Sew a line of stitches near the fold. Then cut close to the line of stitches (not on the fold side). Repeat.

If making into a brooch:

Sew a brooch pin to one of the green ovals. Turn it over so the pin is face down. Arrange the stems and leaves as desired before gluing them down. Sandwich by gluing the other oval piece on top.

Arrange the flowers as you want them to appear on the front of the brooch. In our arrangement we glued the dahlia first, followed by the berries and roses. Glue these flat directly onto the oval brooch back making sure the glue has dried. Then attach the blossoms by putting glue on the sides of the blossom. Then push these into small gaps between the flowers (making sure you don't get glue on the other flower fronts).


We hope you enjoyed these projects. If you did why not sign up for a subscription to our Craft Club? Click here to get started.


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