Craft Club Kits from Year 2

Craft Club Kits from Year 2

Just by coincidence, 3 of the earlier Craft Club kits from our 2nd year remain my personal favourites. Read on for a complete round up of what we made in year 2 of our Craft Club.

I ABSOLUTELY loved making these little bunnies and my little 3 year old loves them too. They were a joy to make and the little detachable carrot it sooooo cute! You can't see in the photos but they each have a cute pompom tail too :)

Then we had a double kit to make this linen zipper pouch and a little coin purse. I think these turned out really well with the contrasting plain cotton for the inside, behind the box and the ends of the zips.

We also made this piece of felt cake which looks good enough to eat. Just to go off on a tangent my husband sometimes looks over my shoulder when I'm making and asks 'what's it for?'. We've had this discussion a few times now where I have to explain the art of making is sometimes just making something which is beautiful with no purpose. The meditation of making is getting lost in making something for no reason. And making anything new adds to your skills. I'm still not sure he gets it but I continue to work on him. So the cake is not edible but is beautiful.

A Lucky Elephant hanging decoration complete with pompoms and handmade tassels.

These felt angels were part of the first of two Christmas boxes. Our November and December boxes always have something festive to make.

Our December box always has an easy project as everyone is pushed for time. These linen and applique gift tags were quick and easy to make.

A delicate heart decoration made with soft coloured felt, embroidery, beads and adorned with button, pin and flower decorations.

This Sewing Caddy was a very popular box. I think because the extra products in the box were things like scissors and pencils to use in the caddy plus it is useful too! I'm going to do a separate post on this caddy to show you the kinds of things you get in a box.

These pretty coasters were made using Cotton Lawn, linen and trimmed with ricrac - lovely with afternoon tea :)

Speaking of tea.......

An Easter project with 3 felt chicken magnets.

We have also made these two little storage baskets. Although we had to make these small due to costing of the boxes it shows subscribers how to make them so they can then make larger with their own stash or utilise the skills in other projects.

 We hope you enjoyed these projects. If you did why not sign up for a subscription to our Craft Club? Click here to get started.

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