Craft Club Sewing Kits from Year 1

Craft Club Sewing Kits from Year 1

Our Craft Club is nearly 3 years old. So to kick off the move to our new website and blog, here are the kits we made in our first year. If you've had a look around our website you'll know subscribers receive a new box each month which has a kit so you're ready to start sewing and also a bunch of other craft products too (a post on that later).

We started small with this little fabric bird. Although simple it is still one of my favourites as they look so cute nestled amongst books on a shelf.

Felt pom poms made from felt circles. Love the colours of these felts.

Hmmm how to commemorate the Coronation.....a Union Jack Egg Cosy of course!

A couple of fabric apple pin cushions.

I still use these needle cases. Both made from linen with a ditsy floral fabric and applique sewing machine and thread.

Cute little heart keyrings made from felt with reverse applique fabric and a felt rose.

These embroidery hoop pictures were a kit designed for the first Craft Club Christmas. Each has a 3d element on linen and were supplied with the little embroidery hoops.

A cotton lawn loop scarf with coordinating cotton binding.

Fabric Pinwheels which were also supplied with some hair pins so mini pinwheels could be added.

Easter celebrated with this bunting made extra special with an embroidered running stitch.

For Spring we made a posy of felt flowers with a diamante button to finish.

We hope you enjoyed these projects. If you did why not sign up for a subscription to our Craft Club? Click here to get started.


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